Online Tools To Pick The Fantastic Paint Color

You are able to employ the best painter in the world that will help brighten up your miniature but the one thing he or she’s not going to do is pick a color scheme for you. Miniature painting service can offer guidance but the decision is finally going to be yours to create.

Deciding upon the proper mixture of colors can look like a very tall order when there are literally thousands of different colors out there to select from. Fortunately there are lots of resources available on the market to help you find the perfect color scheme for your miniature before you invest countless dollars on paint.

The Benjamin Moore Color Capture iPhone App

Yes, there is in fact a program for all, such as picking paint colors for your miniature whilst on the train miniature. This program offers dozens of unique ways for homeowners to find and experiment with color and, on top of that, it’s free of charge!

Among the greatest functions of this specific program is that in the event that you chance to be out and around and place a color you like, an wonderful color found in a stunning sunset, then you can snap an image of it using all the camera of your iPhone or even iPod along with the program can allow you to fit it to one of the 3,300 colors of paint.

The Writings of Leatrice Eiseman

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and likely knows more about color than most of the rest of the planet. Her articles and books offer an abundance of color advice and therefore are a cracking good read too. You’ll find her work in

The Sessions Online Color Calculator

This nifty little tool, provided free from the sessions college of design helps users choose HTML, RGB or CMYK colors, and defines color harmonies and approaches.